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Youtube : D. H. started in 2004 in HK. The aim of this website is to provide an easy and convenient platform for everybody. Anyone can post an ad. in this website and any interested party can contact the advertiser directly.  

Anyone who wish to post an advetising ( Photo and resume) in NOW can post online with computer or cell phone, facebook or send to our email address ( ). Please refer to How to post  ( Your photo and resume ). Potential employers will contact the poster directly if wish. No placement fee if hired directly. If hired in HK, all expenses should be shouldered by employer as governed by the law of Hong Kong. is NOT an employment agency, we will NOT recommend applicant to anyone, we only provide an information platform for the users to get what they consider to be their best interest. will not be responsibleany disputes after they have any transaction between themselves.





Our goals : To provide an easy and convenient platform for everybody.




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